A sense of urgency, should we buy a van right now?!


Sometimes it feels that to get anything done I must do it quickly.

A couple likely causes might be that that I’m worried:

  1. that I will loose my train of thought
  2. my willpower to do said thing will dwindle over time
  3. later circumstances will prevent me from acting

These are mostly false, ideas are fickle and so are plans. They appear, evolve, burn out and regenerate in a new form. Once a thought comes into mind it can go many places. If I would love for that idea to be more than just a thought in my head the only thing to do is to get it out in the open.

Getting it out of my head means either acting on it, jotting down or telling someone. Of these options, the most satisfying is to bring it to completion. Telling someone releases all the endorphins of completing the task you envisioned doing. Being told ‘What a wonderful idea, you should do that’ creates a feeling, in a way, that I already have. Yet, I haven’t acted or pursued my goal in anyway besides telling someone, which is so easy!

Thus, this sense of urgency is a draw to complete the thing I said I would like to do as quickly as possible so I am not perceived as a liar.

Van Planning Uncertainty

I want to own this van as soon as possible. Yet, waiting is optimal. More time to save money, more time to downsize and plan. Or is it? As Lui and I ponder more and more we are left with this choice, hustle now or survive another long depressing winter?

Even research has become frustrating. I can’t do much more without actually having the van in front of me. Testing out plans and making drawings feels like day dreaming, it feels like hoping it will happen. I know it will! Now I need the van so I can test all of these assumptions I have been making.

So I can bring my plans to life. Mould this idea, flesh it out and work towards it. “Maybe I’ll make a kitchen area, or the composting toilet” I dream. But we don’t have enough information about what dimensions, because we don’t really know exactly what make or model of van we will be getting. How much room will we have between the counters? Will there be windows? Where are the wheel wells?

Awaiting Our Van

Right now I still have the last dregs of my student loan to sweep away, once gone saving will begin in ernest. Simultaneously, there are things that need to be done on the house, painting, small repairs. These small repairs will only accumulate the longer we wait, meaning we are spending more money on the house in the long run, and less on our dream.

Lui and I discussed buying the van this year. Our ‘buy now’ vs ‘buy next year’ pro/con lists are swaying very heavily to the ‘buy now’ side of things. We have contacted people privately selling their vans, but haven’t heard back.

That being said, we would like to buy it used at a dealership, because then we could trade in both of our cars and go on a payment plan for the rest of it.

So, the next step in our journey is to look at vans, even if we end up holding off until next year. We need to test drive some vans, walk around in them, measure them and be in contact. Who knows, maybe we find out that we are comfortable with a much smaller van then we thought?

Maybe we find a 2008 Mercedes Sprinter with extended cab and super high roof with under a hundred thousand km for under $15,000 on our first outing to the dealership!!… I can dream.

Here are some links to Youtube videos of people living in vans!

Canadian couple living nomadically! (bonus they are vegan too! lol)

Couple that quit their jobs and live in a Sprinter van!

Garage Sale : One Step Closer to Minimalism




sunWe had our much anticipated garage sale this past weekend. The weather was gorgeous and lots of people came out. Major sales included a barbecue, compound mitre saw, garden bench, air compressor, meat slicer, large oil painting and a 10 gallon fish tank with supplies. As well as many smaller items : books, kitchen utensils, clothing and art supplies. This all added up to a grand total of $900 over the course of two days! Before putting that in the bank you better believe we made it rain.

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Moving into a Van

As I not so subtly hinted at on my last post. Yes, Lui and I are planning to buy a van next year and convert it into a camper to live full-time in. I say full-time, but of course I mean while we are not traveling outside of Canada and the US.


This solves a couple of questions I kept running into while dreaming of selling everything and traveling the world (which we are still totally doing).

Where do all the things you want to keep go? Things like books, sentimental things cook wares from my Oma, practical things we don’t want to re-buy like Lui’s desktop PC and art making materials.

Where do you live when you come back from traveling? Because moving back in with parents isn’t good for anyone involved and getting an apartment will burn up any money we save.

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How Getting Rid of All Our Stuff is Going



This past long weekend we went through our basement and garage.

On Saturday we brought a car full of things to Goodwill ( crappy photo attached 😛 ). We burned scrap wood from the garage all day. Our tiny fire pit bowl is full of ashes now and it took 24 hours to cool completely!

A while back we did some major sorting of the basement into sections :

  • Lui’s stuff to keep
  • Stuff to go back to parents,
  • Things to sell
  • Things for Goodwill (another car load that we dropped off then)
  • art and art materials
  • clothing
  • Thea’s stuff to sort through

After cleaning out the garage completely we brought everything from the ‘things to sell’ pile to the garage.

Then I went into the basement. I probably spent a good 8 hours in my basement this past weekend, over the course of Sunday and Monday. I sorted three boxes… It is heavy stuff. Letters from friends from high school, we sent reams and reams of paper back and forth, and I kept every little scrap of paper that we handed to each other between classes.

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The Future is Full and Empty

Lately I’ve been having sorting dreams. Dreams of packing, shopping, organizing a backpack and lots of dreams about shoe storage. The connecting thread is that I’m always on the move somewhere. I’m on a trip, packing to go to the airport, late for a bus or someone is waiting for me outside my hotel room.

According to Dream Moods this means that I’m weighed down, stuck in my current circumstances and overwhelmed. I won’t lie, it’s pretty accurate.

Projecting hopes into the future or trying to plan it out is a dangerous game. Either the future a mystical fairy land filled with exactly what I want. Or it is an open expanse of what-ifs.


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